European Cup of Trail-O – Final Event

Czech Championships – 18-19/10/2014

  • ECTO #11 startlist (Pařez)
  • ECTO #11 TC + TempO Qualification startlist (Kunětická hora)
    Competitors should come to the ECTO #11 Timed control (not later than) at the time written in the startlist. If there is no queue, you can start earlier. Then, the TempO Qualification stations are to be visited. Competitors taking part only in the TempO should come to the TempO start at the time written in the startlist.
  • ECTO #12 preliminary startlist (Dříteč)
    The TempO finalists will be moved to the first 20 places according to the result in the Qualification in the reverse order (the last ranked competitor is the first starting). The same order will be used for the TempO final with approximate start at 11:30.

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