European Cup of Trail-O – Final Event

Czech Championships – 18-19/10/2014

Program of the event:

Sat 18/10 9:00 AM
Classic course
ECTO #11 Czech Championship Day 1
The first classic course will be organised in the Český ráj area near the Pařez castle (50°28'38.696"N, 15°16'33.294"E). The terrain is a forest road going through sandstone rock town.
Preliminary startlist.
Sat 18/10 1:00 PM
Czech Championship Qualification
The TempO course is not part of ECTO, but it is the International Championship of the Czech Republic. It will take place under the Kunětická hora castle (50°4'48.195"N, 15°48'46.439"E). Immediately before, the ECTO #11 Timed control will be organised.
Sun 19/10 8:00 AM
Czech Championship Final
It will take place in the same location like the Qualification.
Sun 19/10 8:00 AM
Classic course
ECTO #12 Czech Championship Day 2
The whole program will be concluded by the last competition of ECTO and the second day of the Czech Championship on the golf resort in Dříteč (50°6'41.000"N, 15°49'10.999"E) with mostly paved trail.

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