Prague Trail Autumn 2018

6-7 Oct 2018

Prague trail autumn 2018 is a two-day event including a classic course (Pre-o) and a TempO competition. Both competitions are Championships of the Czech and Slovak Republics in particular disciplines. Both competitions are World ranking events and they are also included as final rounds of the European Cup in TrailO and the Czech PRE-O Cup.
Both competitions will have the CC in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Průhonice Park (50°0'4.188"N, 14°33'32.252"E). The park is easily reachable by public transport in Prague, so most participants will not need to rent a car.
The entry fee includes also entry to the park for the whole weekend (if you don't violate the embargo).
The same weekend there will be also the final round of the World Cup in foot-o and the IOF Congress.

The main organiser of the event is the Vysokoškolský sportovní klub MFF UK Praha.
Official adviser: Dušan Furucz (SVK), Event director: Helena Nyklová.

Program of the event:

Sat 6/10 10:00 Classic course (Pre-o) Setter: Libor Forst, Controller: Pavel Kurfürst, Map: Roman Horký, Lauri Kontkanen (FIN)
Sat 6/10 immediately after the classic course Sprint trial Setter: Dušan Furucz (SVK), Controller: Libor Forst, Map: Roman Horký
Sun 7/10 9:00 TempO Setter: Pavel Kurfürst, Controller: Libor Forst, Map: Roman Horký

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