Prague Trail Autumn 2018

6-7 Oct 2018

12/10 We want to thank all competitors for coming and helping us to make a dignified event. We want to thank the park management - not only because they allowed us to make such an event but also because they helped us whenever we need a help. And we also want to help all organizers (including IOF Event Adviser Dušan Furucz) and helpers for spending lots of their time before and during the event.

12/10 Competitors with paper cards were added to Sprint results. Links to some pictures were added to the Gallery page.

10/10 Detail results of TempO stations were published.

7/10 Results, maps and solutions were published.

6/10 Due to low success rate of some controls on the Long course we asked Ján Furucz to make written complaints.

  • C 11: The height difference between the rock to NW from the control and the control was the subject of the complaint. The height difference was really about 0.5 m smaller, but neither the organizers nor the IOF Event Adviser did not consider it as a sufficient reason to void the control.
  • C 12: The complaint related to the position of the flag towards the edge of the grey area (the rocky surface). The center of the circle was at the upper edge and the flag was placed almost accurately (about 0.5 m from that edge). The problem was that it was very difficult to recognize the grey area extent due to proximity and shape of the spur contour. Therefore, the control was voided.

6/10 Quick sprint results:

  1. Version 1
  2. Version 2
  3. Version 3

4/10 The Pre-race Information was published on the Information page.

1/10 The startlists were published.

27/9 Entries are closed, we have 98 competitors. Thanks for your confidence.
Maps for the classic were sent for printing, final state - 28 controls.

23/9 During the Nordic Match some competitors asked us to move a bit the entry deadline. The new deadline is on Monday at midnight.

9/9 The Event Invitation approved by the IOF Event Adviser published on the Information page.

27/8 We received also the last permission from the municipality, so the event is definitely approved.
We added a new topic regarding public transportation fees and parking.

14/8 Registration in IOF Eventor is opened.
The start number bibs can be used for the whole weekend as an entry permission to the park. Of course, you must not violate the embargo.

3/8 Finally we have an Agreement with the Park and we can continue with the administrative process.
Also, the first draft of the classic course is ready. I have about 50 control suggestions, hopefully the controllers will choose at least 25 nice ones for you.

28/3 Event web officially opened.
The agreement with the park management is being finalised. Also the map is being finalised and the first half of the classic course is prepared for the advisor visit.

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