Bohemia Trail 2015

6/8-8/8 2015

6/8 Description of the way from the foot-o E1-3 center to the start: The way starts on the bridge over Ploučnice river next to the foot-o last control, you can follow tapes of the taped course and after 150m you'll cross the red tourist route. There will be a sign and you'll follow this tourist route to the East (left) up to the start.

6/8 The preliminary results of E1 are published on the Results page.

17/7 The Event Invitation published on the Information page.

17/7 The course setters changed the place for the TempO course. It will be at the same place as the last classic course, i Jestřebí.

16/6 Event web opened, registration in ORIS started, as well as all necessary bureaucracy.


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