Bulletin - Kozly 26.10.2008

Organizer (club) : Vysokoškolský sportovní klub MFF Praha (MFP)
Sportovní klub Netopýr Zákupy (ZAK)
Date: Sunday, 26. 10. 2008
Competition center:

Kozly, a grass field south of the village, 6 km south-west of Česká Lípa
The competition center is not sheltered, the use of club tents is highly recommended.
From road no.15 Zahrádky - Litoměřice turn right behind the village Hostíkovice ahead of the village Stvolínky (on the hill) in direction to Kozly
GPS: 50°38'42.973"N, 14°27'21.522"E

Parking: Parking is feasible at the center. Please follow organizers' directions.
Terrain: Broken terrain, moderate ups and downs, sandstone rocks, coniferous forest, mostly easily penetrable, several marshes and underflooded areas.
Racing area: All forest stands surrounding the competition center. No entrance to the racing area.
Registration: 8:30am - 9:30am at the competition center (CC)
Punching system :

SportIdent (SI) is used during the whole event. Competitors with their own SI-card will have to check their SI-card number on the start list, others may borrow SI-card from the organizer for CZK 20 per each race. If lost, compensation of CZK 700 will be required.

All competitors in the start clear the Sportident card (time -3 minutes), check the clearing of the SI card (time -2 minutes).

When course controls don't work, punch your map into the field prepared and show your map in the finish to the head referee or other authorized person.

Every competitor finish the race by marking the SI card at the finish line (finish control). SI reading control is situated in the CC. We require competitors to read their SI-card even if they do not complete the race for whatever reason.

Control point descriptions : Control description cards of each class will be available in the CC, not at the start. They are not printed on the maps!
Protests: All protests are to be presented to the main referee with CZK 200 deposit.
Jury: The jury members will be announced at the CC no later than at the end of registration .

The competition is governed by the Rules of Orienteering.
Competitors take part in O-event at their own risk.
Please, pay increased attention when approaching the rim of hazardous precipices and when in motion among rocks.

Organizers: Event director Miroslav Šimek
Main referee Lenka Forstová (R3)
Courses (a.m.) Marek Blahuta (R3)
Courses (p.m.) Libor Forst
First aid : Provided by MUDr. Jaromír Šimša in the finish.
Kindergarten: During the time of your presence on track we will take care of your children. Nearby the "playschool" tent there will be a ribbon race with sweet awards set up for the smallest ones.
WC: In the CC. There are no toilets on the way to the start!
Refreshment: Soft drink available at the Finish. There will be no feeding stations on course.
Buffet in the CC.

AM race

Characteristics: Middle distance race.

D/H10, D/H12, D/H14, D/H16, D/H18, D/H20, D/H21L, D/H21K , D/H35L, D/H35K, D/H40, D/H45, D/H50, D/H55, D/H60, D/H65, D/H70, D/H75

D/H 10L - marked with orange ribbons, for beginners
HDR - marked with orange ribbons, for children with parents
P2, P4 - courses for beginners, irrespective of age or sex, P2 is easier than P4

F - ribbon courses without map. Nearby the "playschool" tent there will be a simple ribbon course set up for the smallest competitors. Start is feasible between 10:00-12:30h


Babylon, 1 : 10 000, E = 5 m, status Spring 2008, author Borůvka, Horký, not in waterproof design, A4 size

Maps will be collected in the finish area, and will be returned after the start of the last competitor (12:30h)

Time limit : 90 minutes

Staggered start at intervals, 00=10:00, distance 600m, the way to the start is marked with blue-white ribbons

In classes P3, P5 and HDR the competitor chooses his/her start time in the range of 00 – 120. The gap between competitors from one class should be at least 1 minute. There is a special corridor at Start for these classes.


Close by the CC, Finish to be closed at 14:00h
We require competitors to read their SI-card even if they do not complete the race for whatever reason.

Awards: A prize giving ceremony at about 12:45h. Awards for first 3 competitors in D/H 10L, D/H 10, D/H 12, D/H 14.

PM race


Classes D/H 21 - free order. Competitors have to punch all controls of their course irrespective of order.

D/H12, D/H14, D/H16, D/H18, D/H35, D/H45, D/H55, SOS - Score-O, limit 60 minutes
SOS - Open class, irrespective of age or sex
Competitors do not have to get around all control stations but may select only some. Competitors receive one point for every correctly marked control (of respective category) and have to come through the Finish within the given limit of 60 minutes. Upon exceeding the limit one point is deducted for each initiated minute. Final ranking is determined by the number of points acquired. The achieved time is only an auxiliary criterion in case of equality of points.


Kozelská rokle (Billy-goat gorge), 1 : 10 000, E = 5 m, authors Horký, Švec
laser print,  map in plastic sleeve, A4 size


00=14:30, mass start in waves according to categories, distance 1000 m. Marked with blue-white ribbons.
Competitors are permitted to enter the start area only after the preceding wave has started. Prior entering the start area the competitors are accountable for the resetting and checking their SI-cards. Please, observe the marked prohibited area.


Close by the CC, Finish to be closed at 16:30h

We require competitors to read their SI-card even if they do not complete the race for whatever reason.

Awards: A prize giving ceremony at about 16:30h . Awards for first 3 competitors in all classes.